About Marmon Power Productions

The name Marmon is synonymous with being a winner. Marmon Automotive created the Marmon Wasp which was the first winner of the Indianapolis 500. Marmon Power Productions is spearheaded by the great-granddaughter of Walter Marmon, brother to Howard Marmon. The Marmon legacy of quality and history lives on with Marmon Power Productions.

Marmon Power Productions focuses on documentary-style programming that is on both land and water.

Currently in production, is Legends of Motorsports, a series that highlights the individuals that shaped the world of motorsports. These are the history makers which include drivers, owners, mechanics, producers, designers, and promotors just to name a few.

Marmon Power Productions’ primary directors share years of motorsport experiences from competition to promotion. Our production department has years of experience with all forms of film and video production.